Opening Lectures/Plenary Lectures/Closing Lecture

Special Lectures


Session Theme

The program for the 22nd IUNS-ICN is planned to be divided into 9 tracks as follows.

  1. T1 Advances in Nutrition Research
  2. T2 Nutrients and Nutritional Assessment
  3. T3 Nutrition Through Life Course
  4. T4 Nutrition and Management of Diseases
  5. T5 Food Culture Practices and Nutrition Education
  6. T6 Public Health Nutrition and Environment
  7. T7 Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds
  8. T8 Agriculture, Food Science and Safety
  9. T9 Others

Each track 1 - 8 will feature one plenary lecture, four special lectures and 8-10 symposia. In these programs, we are planning to present diverse topics, across the various fields of nutrition, inviting esteemed colleagues who are active on the forefront of nutrition to present their cutting-edge research and ideas.

In addition, we are planning to hold free paper-based oral abstract sessions as well as poster sessions.

The Call for Abstracts is available here. Those who wish to make a presentation at the 22nd IUNS-ICN, please be sure to take advantage of this opportunity! When planning for abstract submission, please note that the subject areas would coincide with the tracks listed above.

Other informative sessions are planned, including sponsored symposia with the support of nutrition related organizations and companies.

Watch for updates on this website, and we look forward to receiving many submissions from our colleagues around the world.