Japanese Cultural Experience Programs

Updated: November 7, 2022

Japanese Cultural Experience Programs

December 8 (Thu) Fermentation Seminar (JP01-1)
Capacity: 20 persons
Fermentation Seminar (JP01-2)
Capacity: 20 persons
December 9 (Fri) Chigiri-e (JP02-1)
①10:00-11:00 / ②11:30-12:30
Capacity: 10 persons per session
Chigiri-e (JP02-2)
①13:30-14:30 / ②15:00-16:00
Capacity: 10 persons per session
Mizuhiki (JP03-1)
①10:00-11:00 / ②11:30-12:30
Capacity: 10 persons per session
Mizuhiki (JP03-2)
①13:30-14:30 / ②15:00-16:00
Capacity: 10 persons per session

*The times of the programs are subject to change.

▼Fermentation Seminar

While enjoying riceballs and miso soup made from a variety of Tokyo’s finest ingredients, participants will learn about fermentation through a fascinating seminar with a fermentation cookery expert and an artisan from a Miso Fermentation Brewery. In the latter half, there will be the chance to try delicious Tokyo miso and compare its taste to miso native to different regions of Japan. Savor tastes from across Japan while learning about the art of fermentation. *This seminar will be held at My Shokudo Hall & Kitchen, located 15 minutes walk from Tokyo International Forum.


Chigiri-e is a collage of traditional Japanese paper. This paper is called “Washi.” “Washi” dates back to ancient times and was made by craftsmen who endured extremely cold winters to carefully create sheets of washi. You can make a beautiful picture by tearing off pieces of colorful washi, and attaching them to a card with glue. It is quick and easy for anybody to create a vibrant piece of paper art. Please create a unique Chigiri-e souvenir to remember your trip by.


Mizuhiki have been used for over a thousand years to give protection and ward off evil. These knots are made with Japanese paper cords; to put it simply, they are Japanese-style wrapping ribbons. During the last 150 years, the colors and varieties of knots have evolved, becoming a widely known traditional handicraft with endless variety.
Why don’t you make your own unique Mizuhiki knot?

How to book

Reservation can only be made at “Tokyo City Information Desk” in the congress venue during the congress period on a first-come, first-served basis. Please book early to avoid disappointment.
Only overseas delegates and accompanying persons can join these tours.

Notes: Participants of the complimentary programs above may be photographed/filmed by an authorized photographer/cameraman for the purpose of our records and future promotion of Tokyo. By joining these programs, you agree that your image may be used in full / in part and distributed for the above-mentioned purposes.


Promotion Video

This video was created before
the COVID-19 pandemic.

The congress was then postponed to December 2022.