Call for Open Symposia

Call for Open Symposia

Call for Open Symposia by Academic Societies and Public Organizations

Applications for open symposia during the IUNS-ICN 22nd International Congress of Nutrition are now being accepted. This call for applications is limited to academic societies and public organizations.

Submission Deadline for Open Symposia

Friday, August 9, 2019
Extended to May 31, 2020
We will notify those who have submitted applications by August 9, in December 2019 as scheduled.
For those who are planning a new application, please note that you can only select "9. Others" as Subject Area.

Overview of Open Symposia

Venue: Tokyo International Forum
Duration: 90 min.
Cost: ¥330,000 (tax included)
If your application is accepted, you will be invoiced to cover the costs of hiring the venue, equipment, and operators.

Notes for Applicants

General Points

• Only academic societies or public organizations may apply in this category. There is a separate application system for corporate sponsored symposia.
• The decision on acceptance/rejection will be made by the IUNS-ICN 2021 Program Committee, which will consider the materials you submit.
• Please be aware that your submitted proposal may not be the final version, as you may be requested to combine your proposal with another planned symposium or to amend it.
• Please provide your e-mail address, as Program Committee members may have questions about your proposal.
• Handwritten applications will not be accepted. Please complete the application via the online system indicated at the bottom of this page. Only applications that have been submitted properly will be considered for the congress.
• Joint proposals may also be submitted, but in this case please indicate a single representative as the contact person.
• Collaborative proposals involving collaboration with other countries or associated fields are welcome.

Subject Areas

• This International Congress will have the following eight tracks. Please indicate clearly the track that includes your proposal. If none of them applies, please choose “9. Others.”
1. Advances in Nutrition Research
2. Nutrients and Nutritional Assessment
3. Nutrition Through Life Course
4. Nutrition and Management of Diseases
5. Food Culture Practices and Nutrition Education
6. Public Health Nutrition and Environment
7. Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds
8. Agriculture, Food Science and Safety
9. Others (Global issues, Challenges, Policies etc.)

Costs for Presenters and Chairs

Your organization is responsible for the costs of inviting presenters and chairs (travel, accommodation, honorarium, etc.) and their registration fees.

Submission Procedure

• Access the Application Form from the link below, fill in the required information.
• The Secretariat will send an e-mail acknowledgment of your application as a reply to the e-mail address from which it was sent. If you do not receive this reply within one week, please contact the Secretariat (ICN2021 Program Office).

Open Symposia Application Form

Application has been closed.

Inquiry to: 22nd IUNS-ICN Secretariat (22nd IUNS-ICN Program Office) c/o JTB Communication Design, Inc.


We will notify those who have submitted applications by August 9, in December 2019 as scheduled.
For the new applications, we will inform accordingly as the following schedule;
Applications before March 31: May
Applications after April 1: September

Promotion Video

This video was created before
the COVID-19 pandemic.

The congress was then postponed to December 2022.